{assign var=configs value=$cb_mass_embed->configs}
ClipBucket Mass Embed Settings - click here to edit setting
Configurations {assign var=cat_keys value=$cb_mass_embed->get_cat_keywords()} {foreach from=$categories item=category name=cat} {assign var=cat_id value=$category.category_id} {/foreach}
Mass Embed License
seperate by commas ie : "sports,ps3,clipbucket"
APIS {assign var=apis value=$cb_mass_embed->get_apis()} {assign var=the_apis value=$cb_mass_embed->get_installed_apis()} {foreach from=$apis item=api}
Category Keywords
Make sure you have configured your mass embed settings properly and have saved them, mass embedding process may take minutes as it depends on number of results, server first call API, then fetch results, parse it, download images and then insert data.
Channel Name